Hot Sale Original Hongyan Genlyon Iveco Truck Parts

                Hot Sale Original Hongyan Genlyon Iveco Truck Parts

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Basic Info.

Model NO.

Main Market

Truck Model
Hongyan Iveco Truck

Transport Package
Nude Packing

CE, ISO9001

Saic-IVECO Hongyan


HS Code

Production Capacity

Product Description

Hot Sale Original Hongyan Genlyon IVECO Truck Parts 

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Parts Number Parts Name
3711-520510 Headlight (left)
3711-520520 Headlight (right)
3800-300051 turn light (right)
3800-300052 turn light (left)
3732-500117 side signal light
3716-500145 rear tail lamp (left)
3716-500146 rear tail lamp (right)
3801-300047 left combination switch
3800-605048 key switch
3800-300065 Window regulator swith (Right)
3800-300064 Window regulator swith (Left)
3800-520518 Air pressure sensor
5001-500525A Shock absorber assembly
5004-500525A Shock absorber assembly
5004-500518 Hydraulic lock (left)
5004-500519 Hydraulic lock (right)
3801-300040D Electronical accelerator pedal
8101-300103 Air intake
8101-300065 Condenser
1703-500560 Gear shift lever dust cover
1703-510215 Shift flexible shaft
1703-510214 Selector flexible shaft
1602-500520 Clutch power cylinder
1602-500023 Main pump
1602-15810 Release bearing
1601-15821 Clutch disc
1300-500505 Water tank
1300-500506 Intercooler
1109-32/48 Air filter element
5043058700 Cylinder liner
5801398771 O ring (purple)
5801398772 O ring (black)
5041286500 Cylinder liner seal
5040426840 crankshaft seal(front)
5042444930 crankshaft shaft seal(rear)
29965850 Service kit-crankshaft bearing sheel
29965770 Service kit-connecting rod bearing sheel
5037751160 Service kit-thrust plate
5801632164 Conrod bolt
5037751180 Piston KIT
5041257780 Cam bearing
5801402100 Intake valve
5801402101 Exhaust valve
5801402103 Valve oil seal
5801479314  Injector assembly (the second generation)
5042551850 Injector assembly
5041278330 Injector bushing
5042483070 Cylinder head gasket
994466920 Cylinder head cover gasket
5801395939 Starter ring gear
5801717298 Oil sump gasket
5801649910 Oil filter element
5041797640 Oil filter element
5043420950 Oil cooler element
5043474400 Turbocharger assembly
5801396774 Turbocharger oil return pipe
5801569151 Water pump
5801706812 Thermostat
5041995510 Fuel filter
5043734070 High pressure common rail
5043827910 Sensor-rail pressure
5801799074 High pressure oil pump
5801312864 Fuel prefilter
5041542020 Manifold gasket
5801402136 Exhaust manifold connecting ring
5043722250 Air pressure and temperature sensor
5043582060 Oil pressure &temperature sensor
5040966450 speed sensor
5801343601 Air-conditioning compressor 
5801290814 Air compressor  with single cylinder
5801630299 Fan blades
5801655187 Starter
5801315646 Alternator
5801402884 Alternator belt 
5801395970 Driving belt
5801546727 Driving belt (C13 engine)
5801541386 Alternator belt (C13 engine)
5801569147 Starter (C13 engine)
5801541381 Alternator (C13 engine)
5801656963 Turbocharger (C13 engine)
5801578912 fuel filter (C13 engine)
5801495961 High pressure common rail (C13 engine)
5801479266 High pressure fuel pump
5801590769 Water pump (C13 engine)
5801567892 Heat exchanger (C13 engine)
5801415504 Oil filter (C13 engine)
5042875100 Oil sump gasket (C13 engine)
5043720920 Cylinder head cover gasket (C13 engine)
5801634063 Cylinder head gasket (C13 engine)
5801479255 Injector assembly (C13 engine)
5042360990 Piston cooling nozzle
5041288490 Crankshaft assembly


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