High Configuration Ford Ambulance Medical Device with Stretcher

                High Configuration Ford Ambulance Medical Device with Stretcher

High Configuration Ford Ambulance Medical Device with Stretcher image

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Basic Info.

Model NO.




Diesel Engine

Max. Power
103kw/ 140HP

Overall Dimensions
5780×2000×25205 Mm

Dimension of Patient′s Compartment
200×1700×1600 Mm


Transport Package
Nude Packing



China Mainland

HS Code

Production Capacity
10, 000units/Year

Product Description

High Configuration FORD Ambulance with ABS System, Airbag for driver

After Sale Guarantee of Exported Ambulances
After-sale guarantee terms:
1). According to the actual situation of importing country, we authorize exporting agent to find an automobile maintenance factory, as our company's after sale station in importing country, in the importing country (Capital city is the best choice).  Our company will supply after sale in accordance with the international conventions.
2). Our company will supply maintenance spare parts of 30000km or one year (once one of two conditions(30000km or one year )is met, another condition will lose efficacy). Spare parts include: petrol filter, oil cleaner, air filter cartridge, fan belt (2pcs), generator belt (2pcs), timing belt (1pc), brake shoes (2pcs).
3). Our company will supply the complete spare parts (at lowest cost price) of 1% of same type exported vehicles, including engine, gearbox, generator, water tank, air conditioner compressor, front and rear windscreen glasses. The spare parts, used for future replacement, will be stocked in the appointed maintenance factory. Guarantee period: 1 year.
4). Equipments in medical ward: 10pcs complete stretcher supplied by manufacturer of stretcher will be stocked at maintenance factory for future replacements anytime.  Our company will supply oxygen humidifier (10pcs), alarm lamp, as spare parts of maintenance factory.
5). During guarantee period, our company will keep in touch with maintenance factory to ensure the continuous supply of spare parts and the normal operation of vehicles. 
 6) User only need to pay the lowest cost price for all spare parts 

A Technical specs of vehicle Quantity
Dimensions and masses
Wheelbase (mm):3750
Wheel tread (mm): 1740/ 1704  (front/rear)
Minimum ground clearance (mm):195
Turning diameter(m):13.3
Overall dimensions (mm):5780×2000×2520
Dimension of Patient's compartment  (mm):3200×1700×1600
Complete vehicle curb mass:(kg):2710
GVW (kg):3490
Number of crew:  8 persons
Fuel type:  diesel
Fuel consumption:10L/100km
Working manner: in-line ,4 cylinders, Turbocharged inter-cooled, high pressure common rail diesel engine
Displacement (L.):2402
Emission standard:China IV
Maximum power:103kw
Gearbox:MT-82  6 speed, mechanical
Chassis :JX6571TA-M3
Front overhang:McPherson independent suspension
Rear overhang:Not independent suspension steel spring, hydraulic shock absorber
Brake: four wheels disc brake, power-assisted brake
Max. speed (Km/h):145
Steering system: gear, rack power-assisted steering
Fuel tank capacity(L):70
B Standard configuration of vehicle
1 Manual side mirror
2 Power window
3 CD player
4 Hand-free Intercom system between driver's cab and Patient's compartment
5 3 seats in driver's cab
6 Double open rear door
7 Foot pedal in rear door
Air conditioner and lighting system
1 the original air conditioning is installed in driver's cab 1
2 the original air conditioning is installed in Patient's compartment 1
3 Exhaust system is installed on Patient's compartment roof 1
4 2 illumination lights each side of vehicle outside 4
5 spotlight lights inner roof of Patient's compartment 1
6 Ultraviolet radiation disinfector light 1
Central power supply distribution system
1 Automatic charging system 1
2 10m mobile cable 1
3 12V outlets in Patient's compartment 3
4 220V outlets in Patient's compartment 3
5 230V/16A waterproof outside outlet with protection cover 1
6 12V DC power-supply system 1
7 Intelligent inverted power supply system(12V -220V) 1
8 Multi-function control system 1
Emergency alarm system
1 Control plate of siren and alarm lamp mounted in driver's cab 1
2 Adjustable volume alarm apparatus 1
3 100W loud speaker 1
4 Blue Flashing alarm light bar mounted on the front roof of vehicle 1
5 blue flashing alarm lamps four sides of vehicle outside roof 8
Patient's compartment
1.         Partition wall between driver's cab and Patient's compartment , a glass window in wall to make observation
2.         A foldable doctor seat (with safe belt) mounted to floor near to compartment wall 1
3.         bench bed one piece (suitable for 4 people), mounted in right side of Patient's compartment 1
4.         Oxygen bottle (10L×2) ,mounted in left side of vehicle
5.         Oxygen reducing valve 1
6.         composite material interior decoration in patient compartment
7.         Imported Interior medical floor, acid & alkali resistance, fire prevention, anti-skid, anti-static.
8.         perimeter embossing edge wrapping of Patient's compartment , dust-proof, anti-skidding, washable
9.         Multi-functional interior roof in Patient's compartment, with handrail, transfusion hanging bracket and spotlight.
10.      Ventilation fan mounted in the interior roof of Patient's compartment
11.      4 fluorescent lamps mounted in the interior roof of Patient's compartment 4
12.      The medical equipment cabinet is installed in the middle position of the partition wall.
13.      2 storage cabinets which are used to store field first-aid kit mounted in the patient compartment.
14.      Vertical push-pull cabinet (3 layers) mounted in left front side of patient compartment. 1
15.      Strong blue or red reflective strip in waist of body 1
16.      Mobile Self-lifting stretcher mounted in Patient's compartment 1
17.      Adjustable shovel Stretcher mounted to the interior left side of rear door. 1
18.      220V outside power supply 1

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