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About us

Who we are

More than 17 years of experience in metal material industry, with more than 12 years of import and export experience.

TangYue Iron & Steel co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Tangyue Group in import and export business. Relying on Tangyue Group, it is responsible for the import and export business of metal materials. It is also a private trademark and brand of Tangyue Group.

At present, the main business of the group is divided into five parts: building materials research and development production, spot storage and sales, import and export trade, project bidding, information network technology and enterprise management strategy consulting.

Whether it is a large bidding project or small and micro foreign trade companies small orders; Whether it is the strict requirements of military products, or the low budget procurement needs of small traders in a serious price war, Tangyue Steel can meet all requirements or needs of partners in a variety of different situations.


  • ISO 9001:2000 accreditation
  • CE accreditation
  • Steel Association membership
  • Agreements with global OEM
  • Warranty support

Our Products

What we do

Steel products

Spot warehouse, ten thousand tons inventory.

Customized product

Customize according to customers needs.

Quality assurance

Strict control from the source to the finished product.

Good After-Sales

Attentive service, worry-free after sales

The Difference

Why Choose Us

Years of experience

More than 17 years of experience in the metal material industry and more than 12 years of import and export experience.

More inventory

With more than 10 million tons of inventory reserves, it can easily meet the needs of large orders.Multiple styles, multiple materials, multiple colors of materials, customized on demand.

Good quality

Strict control from the source to the finished product, customers who are unqualified and not leaving the factory are at ease.


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